Are you missing quilt shows this year?

The Grace Company is having a week long festival with lots of fun prizes, webinars and of course a quilt show. All free and it’s not to late to enter a quilt or just go and browse the many, many beautiful quilts and vote on your favorite. My Oh, Den Blues quilt is entered in the scrap category.

Koala Challenge Finished

I completed my Loraine Turner koala challenge quilt. This quilt is 22″ by 32.” All fabric except the background is Loraine Turner Calico Horses fabric. I used the barrel cactus, desert sage and desert sand from her collection. Some leaves were darkened with Tsukineko inks. The background is done with shiva paint sticks. I didn’t intend to do so much thread painting, but got carried away and used up my Aurifil grays.

My leftover barrel cactus fabric was full of so many holes that I couldn’t fold it.I decided to cut out and fuse together two inch strips from it for the binding. I think it worked out quite nicely. I added another touch using the orange cactus flowers to make wings for three dimensional monarchs.

Koala Challenge Up Date

I have made many changes to my challenge quilt. First I added way more thread painting than I intended. You can barely see the beige fabric I used for the body.

I have changed the background from the green and used that for the backside. Originally I planned to use 100 % Calico Horse fabric but the leaves didn’t show well on the background and the quilt looked to busy. I decided to make a sunset instead. The new background was made using shiva oil sticks. I like it a lot better.

I am in the process of adding leaves and flowers. Once finished with that the koala will be permanently attached. I am also making monarch butterflies. Some of these will be three dimensional. The other change I made was to rework the koala’s mouth. It started to look really angry so I added small bits of fabric to tweak the shape and touched that up with more thread painting.

Koala Challenge

I’ve been working on Lorraine Turner’s Koala challenge. You must use part of her pattern and use her fabrics Calico Fabric quilt line for half of it. I planned on using the Cactus Barrel fabric, Dessert Grass and Dessert Sage although the collection has 14 fabrics.

I used a bit of cool grey setacolor to draw and color my koala on the Dessert Sage fabric. The nose and eyes of the koala were cut up from small bits of the Cactus Barrel fabric.

This is what I used to cut the mouth and eyes from-

The trees are bits of the barrel cactus cut up and collaged back together. I used several layouts before I like the branches. Still have to do lots of leaves and flowers.

For my thread painting I am using Auriel cotton 1246 and 2600 and Isocord polyester152, dolphin. The above picture is just the start of the thread painting.

Today I decided to change my background color. Now my studio is a disaster from all the colors I pulled out. I decided to do a sunset but the color fabric I liked had to much green. I got out my shiva oil stick and changed that and blended the same colors on some other fabrics.

Next I had to order more cactus barrel fabric because I want to move the tree up some and extend the trunk and branches.

Framed Lorikeets

Here are pictures of the framed rainbow lorikeets. They are both 8 by 10 inches, matted and framed in 11 by 14 inch frames with glass.


I finished the rainbow lorikeets several days ago. Must admit I forgot to post the finished pictures.. They are now framed with glass and ready to hang. The green lorikeet was chosen for the QAK monthly challenge.. The theme was animals and I one a ten dollar gift certificate yesterday.


Today I finished the sunset quilts I started yesterday. Both are small 8 by 10 inch confetti quilts with acacia trees made with confetti. Here are the steps for the leopard projects.

Slight Snag

Today I decided to wrap the thread ends on my spools so they weren’t dangling down on my peg board. It was going well until I picked up the pink. Only six inches were hanging loose but I pulled on the spool to unsnap the bottom and this happened.

So I had to keep unwrapping until I got to a place were I could wrap the thread back on the spool. This is most of what came off minus a pile the is in the other corner.

Well I got a bit of it back on the spool and then got a knot. I worked for thirty minutes and decide to wait until another time. Not sure what I will do. It is at least half of a nearly new spool. Ahhh!!!

New projects and progress

I finished up the collage part of two new lorikeets. I chose two different colored backgrounds to show case the birds.  They are both layered with batting  and stabilizer and are ready for thread painting or details enhance with thread.  The flowers will look much better when the thread layers are added. I also got two of the lupines cut out for the deer quilt.  If you remember I borrowed these and used them for the botany quilt so have to make three to replace them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My botany piece has dried after I sprayed it with water and stretched it to block.  This meant I had to remove all the three dimensional pieces first. They will have to be added back and I will add thread painting to the morning glories  I finished thread painting the small to toad and am pleased with it.   


I’ve finally started and almost completed the botany theme for QAK (Kentucky Quilt Artists) I had a year and waited until the last week so I’ve had a lot of late nights. When my longer shorted out I was not very happy. Today was the deadline so I was glad they extended it. Now I can add a lot more thread painting and try and add some shadows with tulle and organza. I also have a tiny tree frog I’ve been drawing in thread to add near the peachy red colored mushroom. The lichen covered tree branch was a bear to turn, but I like how it came out. Here are a few close ups of the details.

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