Framed Lorikeets

Here are pictures of the framed rainbow lorikeets. They are both 8 by 10 inches, matted and framed in 11 by 14 inch frames with glass.


I finished the rainbow lorikeets several days ago. Must admit I forgot to post the finished pictures.. They are now framed with glass and ready to hang. The green lorikeet was chosen for the QAK monthly challenge.. The theme was animals and I one a ten dollar gift certificate yesterday.


Today I finished the sunset quilts I started yesterday. Both are small 8 by 10 inch confetti quilts with acacia trees made with confetti. Here are the steps for the leopard projects.

Slight Snag

Today I decided to wrap the thread ends on my spools so they weren’t dangling down on my peg board. It was going well until I picked up the pink. Only six inches were hanging loose but I pulled on the spool to unsnap the bottom and this happened.

So I had to keep unwrapping until I got to a place were I could wrap the thread back on the spool. This is most of what came off minus a pile the is in the other corner.

Well I got a bit of it back on the spool and then got a knot. I worked for thirty minutes and decide to wait until another time. Not sure what I will do. It is at least half of a nearly new spool. Ahhh!!!

New projects and progress

I finished up the collage part of two new lorikeets. I chose two different colored backgrounds to show case the birds.  They are both layered with batting  and stabilizer and are ready for thread painting or details enhance with thread.  The flowers will look much better when the thread layers are added. I also got two of the lupines cut out for the deer quilt.  If you remember I borrowed these and used them for the botany quilt so have to make three to replace them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        My botany piece has dried after I sprayed it with water and stretched it to block.  This meant I had to remove all the three dimensional pieces first. They will have to be added back and I will add thread painting to the morning glories  I finished thread painting the small to toad and am pleased with it.   


I’ve finally started and almost completed the botany theme for QAK (Kentucky Quilt Artists) I had a year and waited until the last week so I’ve had a lot of late nights. When my longer shorted out I was not very happy. Today was the deadline so I was glad they extended it. Now I can add a lot more thread painting and try and add some shadows with tulle and organza. I also have a tiny tree frog I’ve been drawing in thread to add near the peachy red colored mushroom. The lichen covered tree branch was a bear to turn, but I like how it came out. Here are a few close ups of the details.

What I’ve been working on

Besides working on some face masks I have been busy with sketching new ideas. The first pattern I was using for the masks took over two hours. I made twelve this way and then looked for another pattern. It’s made of six pieces that can easily have interfacing added if I wanted. They have a nice filter pocket and take less than 20 minutes. I have nose clips and elastic expected in the next week or two. My sister and my nephew are very happy with theirs.

I finished up the chipmunk several weeks ago. I’ve been thinking about the frame it is in and have finally decided to add some leaves on the outside of the mat and extend the stem outside the mat as well. Here is a picture of it as present.

I’ve also been trying to make a lot of new book art markers. Here a a few of them.

Other things I am playing around with are some new whimsical birds.

I am working on another four season woods scene. Here is a picture of my beginning process. I have not added the confetti to the summer scene yet or the white birch trees. These scenes are being appliqué and quilt on my long arm machine. They still will have several layers of organza and tulle and lots more detail to the trees and maybe even a bird or two. Here is how it looks for now.

Half-Moon Betta

Forgot to post a fianlpicture of this one when I finished. Was wanting to get a squared up photo, but forgot so I’ll just post this one. Guess I was in a hurry to move on to other things.


My newest piece is a chipmunk eating on a sunflower. I used blue and green confetti fabric for the quilted background. The sunflower and chipmunk are beginning to take shape. I am doing them on French fuse instead of directly on the quilt because the stitching on the chipmunk will be fairly heavy. I am using at least three colors of thread for each shade of the chipmunk. The final thread paining will be done on the quilt after I add some extra batting behind the chipmunk and the center of the sunflower.

Here are a few shots of my work in progress.

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