Christmas Gifts

This small quilt was made as a gift for my husband. It is a recollection of the weekend we met back in the day.I chose the ice dye fabric to have psychedelic look, or at least seem like the dye. Even though we missed this era we both liked tie dye. It is finished up... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cards

We normal send out Christmas cards designed by either myself or my daughter. I decided to quilt one this year. Although I worked very hard on it, it did not photograph as well as I hoped and reducing it to card size ruined the details. My second less complicated piece had the same problems. So... Continue Reading →

Leros Wedding Chapel

I finished this quilt at 4 am Monday night. I just have to steam the facing and hand stitch it along the back. The water detail has been added and the lights and bride and groom are appliquéd on. I started with a bias binding but remembered I wanted to face the quilt so I... Continue Reading →

Leros Wedding Chapel 2

Here are some shots at how the wedding chapel is quilting up. I did intense pebbling on the chapel to look like stucco. I am quilting the water with two threads at once, a hologram thread and a variegated. Notice that the groom's suit was the wrong color and had to be changed. The lights... Continue Reading →

Leros Wedding Chapel

It's been a while since I've posted. I have many irons in the fire but My main project has been my Leros commission. The drawing itself took me quite awhile to do. I came up with a new technique for me for the water. I quilted random strips of fabric down the middle to cover... Continue Reading →

Koala Challenge Finished

I completed my Loraine Turner koala challenge quilt. This quilt is 22" by 32." All fabric except the background is Loraine Turner Calico Horses fabric. I used the barrel cactus, desert sage and desert sand from her collection. Some leaves were darkened with Tsukineko inks. The background is done with shiva paint sticks. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Koala Challenge Up Date

I have made many changes to my challenge quilt. First I added way more thread painting than I intended. You can barely see the beige fabric I used for the body. I have changed the background from the green and used that for the backside. Originally I planned to use 100 % Calico Horse fabric... Continue Reading →

Koala Challenge

I've been working on Lorraine Turner's Koala challenge. You must use part of her pattern and use her fabrics Calico Fabric quilt line for half of it. I planned on using the Cactus Barrel fabric, Dessert Grass and Dessert Sage although the collection has 14 fabrics. Calico Horses fabric by Lorraine Turner I used a... Continue Reading →

Framed Lorikeets

Here are pictures of the framed rainbow lorikeets. They are both 8 by 10 inches, matted and framed in 11 by 14 inch frames with glass.

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